We've got your six

Never game alone. From first-person shooters to wacky party games, and massive-multiplayer experiences in between, there's always room in our party. Come play with us and together we'll discover your next adventure!

Gaming Is Who We Are

Derp Company is about connecting adult (18+) gamers to create fun team-based gameplay experiences. We make it easier to jump in, socialize, and play with people who care about a positive group experience in any game.

Founded in 2012 in the game Planetside 2, Derp Company has grown into a multi-gaming PC community bringing cooperative experiences throughout the titles we play. We are a home for passionate people who value our mission—empowering an open, fun, PC gaming environment that inspires team play.

Become A Member

Our membership is important to us, so we've packed it full of amazing perks and benefits.

• Earn points each time you play in quarterly events

• Ability to create custom temporary game channels

• Unlock joining our Social Groups

• Exclusive member-only giveaway raffles

• Access to our 18+ #nsfw-forum in Discord