We'd love to work with someone like you!

We're looking for highly motivated, unconventional thinkers to join our mission. If you love big challenges, taking action and want to help build and enrich where we play, see our volunteer application.

Make a Difference To Someone

In our modern world, relationships can be formed anywhere and anytime. Video games have been our way to connect people, whether strangers, friends or those closest to us, Derp Company has facilitated those relationships for over 10 years. We look for people who want to make those connections, and are passionate and interested in what Derp Company stands for.

What makes a volunteer?

We're building a strong and diverse team where everyone has a voice. If you're someone who has skills, or an interest in design, media, marketing, coding, moderating, leading in games, or simply a drive to improve, we'd love your help!

Community Teams

Derp Company is backed by small but mighty teams that help bring gamers together. Small teams enable us to choose the work that brings us the greatest results, it forces us to say no to good ideas and yes to great ones.