Seasonal Events

Mark your calendars! The best weekends of the year coincide with our annual community-wide events. Check out some of the highlights from our past lineups below. Don't miss out on the raffles and participation tokens to earn new games!

Spring Event

Soap? Sponge? Bucket? Check, check, and check! Slap on those cleaning gloves and take a deep dive with Derp Company into your gaming library to dust off some of our favorite multiplayer titles from the previous years. Spring Gaming events are all about recycling our favorite co-op/multiplayer games and spending more game time together!

Summer Event

Get your summer vibe party on! Summer Beach Blast/Derpfest is all about the hottest party games on the server! Tournaments, avatar cosplay contests, watch-parties, and so much more! Our summer events jam packed with activities throughout the server. Don't forget the pool noodles!

Fall Event

Night of the Living Derp (NOTLD) is our long-running Halloween weekend event! Join our gaming horde and you'll go from gripping suspense to explosive action in a heartbeat with our favorite multiplayer horror games! Turn out the lights, bring spare batteries, and don't mind the creak you heard behind you as we get our fright on!

Winter Event

Merry Derpmas! 'Tis the season for a warm cup of comfort, your favorite ugly sweater, and sitting down to play cozy games with friends in jolly merriment! But be warned, sometimes the Fall chill lingers, the sun sets early and the forest grows dark with haunts in our bi-annual Nightmare Before Derpmas event! Don't miss out on our big giveaways and even bigger events during this special holiday season!